LED Lighting:

Maximise Your Light Output Whilst Lowering Your Energy Costs

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LED Lighting: Maximise Your Light Output Whilst Lowering Your Energy Costs

Replace CFL fittings and lamps with LED's can reduce your business' lighting costs by up to 70%, or even more in some cases.

LED's Last More than 10x Longer than CFL's & Halogen Bulbs

Compact fluorescent lamps have an operational life of a few thousand hours; quality LED lamps and floodlights are typically rated at 20,000 to 50,000 hours operational life, dramatically decreasing maintenance and replacement costs, as well as the primary benefit of reducing your business lighting costs.

LED Lighting for Business

Apart from the obvious significant reduction in electricity costs when using LED lamps, there are some important additional reasons which make LED Lighting a must for your business - click to this section for details.

If you'd like to know more about how LED Lighting can decrease your energy usage and more, please contact us using the form below.
LED Lighting

Advantages of LED Lighting

Greater Flexibility With Lighting Schemes - Unlike traditional bulbs, LED lights come in a variety of different colour temperatures, maximum lumen output and colours to suit your business' varied environments.

More Options for Lighting Locations - LED lighting units come in a wide variety of use cases and sizes, and due to their low heat output, there are much greater location options available. Examples include: lights in compact areas, display cases or along short stretches of walls, providing not only better lighting opportunities but also enhanced aesthetics.

Decreased Maintenance - Due to their very long operational lifespan and cooler operating temperatures, using LED lighting will significantly impact maintenance of your lighting systems, further reducing your operating costs.

Enhanced Lighting Control Options - due to the nature of LED technology, Intelligent Lighting Controls work hand-in-glove with LED lighting, providing further opportunities for reduced energy expenditure and customisation of your working environment.

Improving your business environmental impact - By providing more light at lower cost, LED lighting will lower your business' environmental impact, and especially so when combined with our Solar PV and Battery Backup options

Capital allowances on energy-efficient items - The UK Government allows your business to claim Capital allowances on energy-efficient items, further off-setting your investment in sustainable energy solutions for your business.

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