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Metering & Monitoring

Energy Metering and Monitoring: Control your energy Usage

Energy use represents a significant cost for businesses. As energy costs can be easily controlled in most organisations, reducing energy use makes good business sense.

Effective metering and monitoring can provide your business with vital insights into where and when energy isn't being used efficiently or effectively, as well as showing you where the best energy-saving opportunities are. You can then set measurable targets for becoming more energy efficient.

According to the Carbon Trust, typically, 20% of a business’ annual energy costs are wasted through the use of energy inefficient equipment.

Commonly monitored electric parameters are:

  • Voltage (U, V)

  • Current (I)

  • Active (or real) power (P)

  • Power factor (cos Φ)

  • Frequency (f)

  • Active energy (W)

  • Reactive energy (War)

DNK Sustainability Ltd: Energy Metering and Monitoring

What Are The Benefits of Energy Metering and Monitoring?

Prompt Return on Investment - data from installed energy management systems show that they can reduce energy usage between 8 to 20 per cent, lowering bills.

Quick Installation - modern energy metering & monitoring systems can be installed quickly, with little to no downtime or disruptions.

Reduced greenhouse emissions - commercial buildings are the major source of environmental pollution. Energy metering and monitoring leads to reduced greenhouse gas emissions.

Effective metering and monitoring gives owners and operators crucial information about how their buildings are performing. This can deliver substantial, almost-immediate improvements.

Energy metering can help with identifying cost cutting opportunities by detecting inefficiencies, benchmarking building performance, improving load-planning, energy usage and managing demand to offset against sudden price tariff changes.

If your business is on multiple tariffs, these data insights also provide you with opportunities to plan for alternative energy usage patterns, and give you an understanding of suitable renewable energy options that can both further decrease the cost of consumed power.

Reactive energy and power factor metering gives your company an understanding of where there are opportunites for power factor improvement, further reducing your costs and potentially increasing equipment longevity.

If you'd like to know more about how Energy Metering and Monitoring can decrease your energy usage and more, please contact us using the form below.

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